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Z Strain – Dried Mushroom


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Z Strain

  • Highly Potent
  • Intense visuals with very spiritual and introspective experiences with higher dosages

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The Z-strain Magic Mushrooms (“Psilocybe Cubensis Z”) was a newer strain created in the 90s. The Z-strain Shroom was first offered in its first form by spore seller Spore Trading Post to make a high potency shroom. Some community members believe SporeTradingPost has changed the name for this strain; since then, the community believed in dubbing them “Z Strain magic mushrooms.”

Other scientists argue that Z-strains are extremely fast colonizers with a high concentration of a potent drug. In addition, the mushroom Z-strains have a long tradition amongst home growers and are one of the most stable strains to grow.

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Z strain mushrooms’ effects and characteristics

The primary psychoactive compounds in the Psilocybe cubensis magic mushrooms— including Z strains— are Psilocybin & psilocin. A psilocybin mushroom, however, contains several potentially active compounds, including baeocystin and norbaeocyst. Similarly to magic mushrooms, the number of mushrooms you consume and body chemical composition can impact your psilocybin experience.

Aside from their potential benefits, well-grown Z-Strain magic mushrooms are extremely powerful and produce potent psychedelic effects for the person who consumes them. However, the potency of mushrooms is varied depending on the growth conditions. Therefore, setting plays an essential role in all of the trips.

Z Strain Dosage

Psilocybin mushrooms are typically divided into microdose, low dose, moderate or high dose: .1 gram dried mushroom, 0.5-gram microdoses. Low-dose Z strain mushrooms are about 0.2 mg/kg. The drug has been sometimes called “functional doses” or “creative doses,” as it does not have an immediate effect.

Z Strain is consumed as dried mushrooms, capsules or tea. In addition, you can use lemon tek to advance their potency and effects.

Effects vary according to your consumption method between 3 and 6 hours. In general, a moderate dosage reaches 3.5 g. This amount gives the consumer a good understanding of the effects of medication or dose-based drugs.

Z strain hallucinogenic effects

During a mild experiment in Z Strain, mushrooms can cause visual tracer and euphoric interconnectivity and transcendence. The more severe the dosage of the drug, the more powerful it is. Although they can be frustrating to the average consumer, they may seem confusing. Here are some things you may expect;

Micro dosing or small dose – .5-1G

In small doses, like other magic mushrooms, you will have light to no effects depending on your dose and size. Healing mushrooms have been known to ease the symptoms of mental health disorders.

Creative Dose light dose – 2-3.5 grams

A moderate dose of this magic mushroom will provide a mild-to-full experience; a tremendous recreational dose including dancing lights, visuals, prominent body sensations & more.

Strong Dose – 3.5 grams-7g+

Large doses of z strain magic mushrooms will give you the full effects z-Strain offers. High doses will provide exceptional;

  • prominent body sensations
  • flying fractals
  • time-warping
  • ego-death
  • inspire intense emotional experiences
  • Dancing lights
  • intense visuals

Some psychonauts believe in “Start small and move quickly,” even for newcomers to this mushroom. For some people, heroic doses could induce mystical experiences that are often described as mystical experiences.

Some negative experiences can be a bad trip or cluster headaches. But, of course, no one wants a bad trip, but then start low and go slow; a mild recreational dose is recommended.

Please Practice Safe Usage

  • Mild: 0.75 grams to 1.25 grams
  • Medium: 1.5 grams to 2.5 grams
  • Full: 2.5 grams to 3.5 grams

Please read into our harm reduction section for more information on safe usage.

Z Strain Anatomical Differences

Z strain is an extremely small mushroom. Its caps have golden browns, similar to Golden Teacher mushrooms — another reason that some have suggested that the Z strain was genetic isolation from Golden Teachers. The golden teacher mushroom and most other strains are like many species, but the new z-Strain is slightly different.

No other data have been found, meaning the mushrooms have a relationship. Z strain has thick stalks growing wider at the base. When bruised, it shows tiny blue spots that indicate it is in Psilocybin’s roots.

Z strain Shrooms Variations and Hybrids

According to a previous report, z strains are a species of the Psilocybe cubensis. The mushroom family – a group which mainly consists of. Variations in Z strain mushrooms are the result of gene alterations within the mushroom and its environment and the selections made for the growth of the mushrooms by the grower. Therefore, the Z Strain family does not produce commonly grown hybrids or mushroom variations.

Z Strain Mushroom History

The Z strain mushrooms have been known for many years. Unlike most other species, decades of subterranean cultivation can complicate the traceability of the exact origin of this species. Z spores were first introduced on the web in 1980 – perhaps even longer if you could dive into the nebulous early times. The history of magic mushrooms has become more well-known. Cubensis is the widest variety of mushrooms in the Pyocybin family, and they have long admired the respect of humanity. The mushroom is culturally and spiritually important within Mazatec communities.

Z Strain mushroom species are from the psilocybe cubensis family. Since Z-strain magic mushrooms are Cubensis mushrooms, they are of the family of the most common psilocybe mushrooms.

Growing Z strain mushrooms

Psilocybe cubensis is found all across the globe; they are an amazingly fast colonizer. It has an ecosystem which spans the tropical region in the southern and eastern hemispheres. Those areas include some of the tropical regions. Usually, they are found in cow manure. Z Strain was developed in labs for cultivating ideal qualities, particularly a rapid lifecycle, high yield and quick growth to produce large mushrooms. One of the most characteristic features of the z strain is its ease of growth.

Appearance – Medium-Sized Mushroom

These shrooms are not the largest; they are medium-sized with thick stalks.

Buy Z strains Spores

Spores can be bought from a spore vendor website but germinate in virtually every city, including some areas that have recently legalized the psilocybin mushroom. Z-Strain is available for purchase online in spore syringes, as well as in spore prints. Spore sprays are perhaps best for amateur growers who want to keep the spores at home long enough that you can refill them. But, of course, someone else’s spores may be good too.

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