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White Borneo Kratom Tea Bags


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White Borneo Kratom Tea Bags for Sale

White Borneois an energising strain of Kratom that can help boost motivation and focus. It’s recommended to be enjoyed in the morning or early afternoon. Made with all-natural ingredients.

⚠️ Caution ⚠️ While the potential for abuse is reduced with whole-leaf kratom tea compared to extracts, it can still lead to addiction if used improperly. So a healthy amount of caution, respect, and education is advised. We strongly recommend reading this article before you initiate your kratom tea practice, in order to familiarise yourself with the risks and benefits.

How to Brew

To brew, use 1-4 tea bags (we recommend inexperienced users start with 1) into a thermos flask (this is important to retain heat during the brewing process), add juice from around 1/2 to a whole lemon (this is very important to get the full potency from your tea), pour in boiling water and leave to steep for 10-20 minutes. White Borneo Kratom Tea Bags for Sale

Kratom Content

Each tea bag contains 3 grams of crushed leaf kratom. It is lab tested and prepared in a cGMP certified facility. Each pouch contains 10 tea bags, giving you 30 grams of raw Mitragyna Speciosa in total.

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