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Treasure Coast


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Treasure Coast Cubensis Strain

  • Above average in potency
  • Effects peaks early but have a “chill” overall experience

Treasure Coast is a Cubensis strain found in the Gulf Coast of Southern Florida. This substrate is commonly found on soils filled with nutrition or the droppings of bovine and equine.

Buy Treasure Coast Strain Dried Mushrooms Online

The Treasure Coast mushroom is an excellent strain for first-time and experienced psychonauts. Our website offers Treasure Coast dried shrooms and many other magic mushroom strains for purchase and delivery across Canada. Try out this fantastic strain for yourself!

Like other magic mushroom strains, Treasure Coast’s historical background is somewhat obscure. It was known that they had come out of Florida. In particular, they come from the southern Florida Gulf Coast. Legend says the beauty was found in horse dung in the vicinity. But we’re unsure how to find these wonderful mushrooms growing naturally in Canada. Anyone who loves Mycology must love these shrooms as they are a fast colonizer. The founder of these fungi called them ‘Treasure Coast’ and began sending spore prints to mycologists and amateurs.

Treasure Coast shrooms are defined as Psilocybe Cubensis specific. The strain originated on the East Coast of Florida, often called the Treasure Coast. This area along the coast is unknown, and it doesn’t appear that amateur mycologists or hobbyists first took the strain. The treasure coast strain is well known because its potency can reach around double the average compared to other Psilocybe cubensis, and its fruit is often leucistic.

Treasure Coast Potency & Psilocybin Content

Potency can be inconsistent in different strains – the concentration of psilocybin varies depending on several aspects, including growing conditions. However, users report that the Treasure Coast strain is above average potency for the trip intensity you can expect. Two samples from Treasure Coast strains submitted to Holistic Health Bay Area had average daily tryptamine levels of 0.85% and 0.49%. Total tryptamines are a mixture of psilocybin, psilocin and similar chemicals – including baeocystin.

This Psilocybe Cubensis strain is said by most users to be a pretty “chill” experience, although that depends on the dosage you take. If you are taking a high dose, we recommend a trip sitter. The Lizard King mushroom strain is quite similar.

Effects of Treasure Coast magic mushrooms

This magic mushroom found on the coast of Florida is Psilocybe cubensis, which offers many of the same effects as similar strains in this species. The Treasure Coast mushroom is well-rounded as far as effects go.

Notable effects of this magic mushroom are;

  • Great body high
  • Positive feelings and mood
  • Bright colours and visual distortions

The magical mushrooms are known to give you laughs. The treasure coast shrooms can sometimes be laughable and bring you happy moods. Generally, they are much faster than other magical mushrooms, but some highs happen within 15 minutes. Music seems more intense, colours appear on the sun’s surface, and the sensation of being in motion becomes pleasant. Some people feel like they have fun at anything they do with Treasure Island magic mushrooms. This trip is intense in that it provides visuals. Even with the waves, the trip continues to be intense. Negative consequences have been reported almost nowhere. I have never experienced any anxiety.

When visiting many sites such as Erowid, Mycotopia and Shroomery, people initially report a strong body high, mainly from BURMA and TREASURE COAST. Eating shrooms provides us with an awareness that helps us reconnect with nature. It’s pretty obvious since their name seems to be also a testament to their remarkable healing abilities. Can you list the best ways to start planning your next travels? Find out what’s going on under the Responsibility and Bad Trips guide.

Send your friends and family on their mushroom-epic adventures in this magical adventure! These wonderful mushrooms will leave you feeling utter awe and happiness. Along with your happiness, you’ll feel an uplifting relaxation that’s not overwhelming. Depending upon how you do this will bring intense visual effects. Expect colour explosions and fractal patterns sweeping across your visions.

Take Treasure Coast Magic Mushrooms Recreationally

Treasure Shore is an excellent strain for recreational purposes. Treasure Coast offers a perfect balance of potency for recreational use. The recreational effects are not so intense, though. In this case, you can use the Treasure Coast Magic mushrooms less frequently than you need. This strain is ideal for a peaceful day at home or the beach. Make sure to get friends because everything is going well if it is a euphoric moment. Even at low levels, you will experience complete satisfaction. Just take the best care with magic mushrooms.

Take Treasure Coast Magic Mushrooms Spiritually

You want to get true healing through magic mushrooms. Magic mushrooms are magical and life-changing experiences. This experience will deepen your thoughts. From there, it is possible to alter your sense of reality and see past events clearly and impartially. Travelling spiritually requires preparation; you should have a trip sitter. It can be summed up as setting and setting. You will have an ideal mind. Moreover, your dose will have to exceed what most people will comfortably take.

Treasure Coast Magic Mushroom Dosage

The dose of Treasure Coast magic mushrooms will dictate the strength of the effects you feel. Look at our helpful guidelines below.

Please Practice Safe Usage

  • Mild Dose: 0.75 grams to 1.25 grams
  • Medium Dose: 1.5 grams to 2.5 grams
  • Full Dose: 2.5 grams to 3.5 grams

Please read into our harm reduction section for more information on safe usage.

How many Treasure Coast magic mushrooms should you take?

The use of magic mushrooms depends mainly on how much magic mushroom you take and the experience. Depending upon the level of experience you have with using magic mushrooms, then you can increase your dosages accordingly. The environment is essential, as is comfort with the skin.

The Treasure Coast’s magical mushrooms are eaten, made into a tea or cooked as a meal. How many magic mushrooms you can buy depends on how much fun you want. The Treasure Coast magic mushroom has powerful visuals and hallucinations, but it also depends on the dose. Taken in medium doses, Treasure Coast is very smooth and enjoyable.

The appearance of Treasure Coast mushrooms

Treasure Coast magic mushrooms are distinctive because of their density. Even though this plant is a little smaller, it is wider in the middle. You can identify Treasure Coast shrooms by their thick stems and moderate broad caps. It is a light brown colour.

There will be some difference when the treasure coast magic mushrooms you receive. Firstly you will notice your magic mushroom is dehydrated. In addition, the mushrooms should be dehydrated. There are also bluish or greenish spots on your skin. It’s a bruise that’s normal. The phenomenon occurs because, in magic mushrooms, the psilocybin reacts to oxygen.

How to Grow Treasure Coast Shrooms?

The Treasure Coast strain is a small but potent fruiting plant that usually contains two and 5 inches tall shrooms. Sometimes fruiting bodies grow up to 10 cm long. These strains are colonized quickly, within two weeks, and have relatively good resistance to moulds and disease.

This strain is incredibly prolific fruiter and forms in dense clusters but may only fruit after the first flush. They provide a massive harvest with only a small amount of spores. Unfortunately, the Treasure coast mushroom spores can abort before cultivation, making the strain difficult for beginners to cultivate, and it takes a master to get multiple flushes.

You can choose from two methods for growing mushrooms at home. Your first choice is the Treasure Coast Magic mushrooms grow kits that are perfect for growing quickly. Using a magic mushroom grow kit is your best bet to cultivate these shrooms.

If cultivators need to customize their cultivation procedure to maximize yield, we have a second choice: Treasure Coast Spores. These shrooms are a treat to grow, possibly one of the best strains in the world, but require much patience to get right.

Get a Treasure Coast magic mushroom grow kit.

To grow mushrooms with a grow kit, you must follow specific directions. These kits come with spores and log; you just need to take care when cultivating. Please note our online stores offer two distinct types of products. Check out this new guide to maintaining an ideal growing kit. You must learn and follow the correct directions, and mushrooms grow quickly! The cultivation of Treasure Coast depends on many things, but using a grow kit with instructions is your best bet.

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