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“Old Pothead” Spiral pipe Handmade by SCHMAUCH®


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According to legend, using this complex smoking device transports you instantly back to Victorian times between steam locomotives and smoldering chimneys. Warning: if your time travel device malfunctions and you get stuck in the late 1800s, do not panic. Simply use your Victorian style Old Pothead pipe to blend in seamlessly with the locals. Pro tip: don’t feed the rats!

The Old Pothead is a truly unique pipe designed around the steampunk-inspired idea of ​​a cooling coil. The heat from the smoke gradually dissipates as it travels through the half meter long brass spiral.

Produced in small batches of 10-20 pieces, each pipe receives its individual serial number as a laser engraving. The accompanying illustration for changing the filter also has the individual number.

The Old Pothead consists of three hand-turned wooden parts made of Italian briar, the classic tobacco pipe wood (the currently available edition was made of walnut). In addition, there is the 50cm long cooling spiral made of 4mm brass tube, naturally bent by hand and adapted to the individual head diameter. Old Pothead Spiral pipe by SCHMAUCH for Sale

The smoke first passes through the filter before entering the mouthpiece through the coil. Due to the smaller inner diameter of the pipe (3mm) and the long smoke path, this pipe is characterized by a higher draw resistance and of course the particularly mild and cool smoke.

Old Pothead Spiral pipe by SCHMAUCH for Sale


  • Roughly 10cm long with 4cm width and height .
  • Chamber diameter 13mm for 15 sieves, depth 15mm


  • Pipe with five filters and two screens
  • Illustration with instructions for changing the filter
  • Noble SCHMAUCH® bag made of fair organic cotton

Additional info from SCHMAUCH®:

The hand-bent cooling spiral ensures particularly mild smoke.
It may taste metallic when you first use it, but the taste dissipates immediately. Alternatively, clean in alcohol (isopropanol or ethanol) beforehand.

The illustration for changing the filter still bears the logo of my first brand, Eisdeale. For reasons of sustainability, I decided against reprinting (and thus disposing of 900 pieces). They now carry the SCHMAUCH® logo as a sticker made from sustainable grass paper. Old Pothead Spiral pipe by SCHMAUCH for Sale

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