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Mega Merch Bundle – T-Shirt & Two Posters


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Product Name: Mega Merch Bundle

Other Name(s): mega-merchandise-bundle


Active Ingredient(s): Love, Chakras, Orgones

Other Ingredient(s): 100% Organic Fair Trade Cotton, Love, Positive Orgones

Mega Merch Bundle T-Shirt & Two Posters

Our Mega Merch Bundle is comprised of a 100% organic & fair-trade cotton custom designed Darknet Ship T-Shirt as well as two of our custom A3 posters – “Psychedelic” and “Adventure Time” for just €30 + shipping – saving you €15!!

The T-Shirt was designed by our winner of the T-Shirt design competition and are screen printed on premium quality soft cotton here in the Netherlands. Sizes are “Euro sizes” and smaller than standard American sizes.

Perfect gifts for your loved ones or for yourself – because you’re worth it!

This Merch Bundle is strictly not for human consumption. 

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