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“Long Moroccan” Pipe Handemade by SCHMAUCH®


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Long Moroccan Pipe Handmade by SCHMAUCH

The Long Moroccan is a beautiful, hand carved pipe. The length and design make it a unique experience to smoke, feeling like you’re in a Moroccan Bedouin tent deep in the desert. It is surprisingly comfortable to hold as the shaft rests comfortably on your arm.

Long Moroccan Pipe Handmade by SCHMAUCH


  • Pipe : approx. 40x2x4cm
  • Box : approx. 45×5.3cmx2.7
  • Filter : Regular Size (main filter) and Slim Size (pre-filter)
  • Screens : 10mm


  • Pipe with pre-installed strainer
  • Handmade wooden box with a noble sleeve made of hemp paper, which is also handmade
  • Five additional filters and two screens each
  • Brass cleaning tool


  • Unique handling and ceremonial smoking sensation.
  • The Sebsi is so long that you can smoke it with your arm supported and relax deeply.
  • Great for hash rituals and celebrating smoking culture together.
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