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King Palm rolls are carefully handmade using natural leaves. Our leaves burn slowly, allowing you to enjoy a full-flavored smoke with a tightly packed roll. These leaves come from the flowering tree of the Cordia (Borage) Family, grown on our farms across Southeast Asia. Our commitment to natural products means that these leaves are free from toxic fertilizers and artificial flavors. When we harvest leaves from the tree, new ones quickly grow in their place, ensuring no harm to the environment. Additionally, our King Palm leaf, corn husk, and paper materials are all biodegradable and sustainable.

Buy Weed King Palm SA

Buy King Palm SA: King Palm Blunt Wraps are pre-rolled cones made from Cordia Leaves. These cones provide a slow and even burn. King Palm Rollies are made from organic and biodegradable materials, without tobacco, glue, or aggressive chemicals.The King Palm pack contains 2 pre-rolled cones, ready to be filled with your favorite cannabis. Each cone already includes a corn husk filter tip, designed for optimal airflow. The pre-rolled blunts are available in various sizes, such as the King Palm Slim which can hold 1.25 grams of weed.

Product Information:
– Brand: King Palm
– 2 pre-rolled wraps and tips per package
– Price per pack
– 20 packs per display
– 100% organic palm
– Tobacco-free
– Additive-free
– Corn husk filter tips

Available Sizes:
– Roll: 0.5 grams
– Miniature: 0.8 grams
– Thin: 1.25 grams
– King: 2 grams

Inspired by traditional smoking methods, King Palm has crafted these handcrafted, all-natural leaf wraps to replicate the beauty of classic wraps enjoyed for centuries. They prioritize natural materials for an authentic smoking experience.

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