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Flower Mill Grinder Mini Travel Grinder – Made in the USA


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The Flower Mill Grinder range is the pinnacle of what a herb grinder can be. Their patented design gives you the fluffiest, lightest ground bud you will ever experience, enhancing the smoking experience and making your bud last even longer. We spent months scouring the internet to find the best of the best – and this is it. Reddit threads rave about them. The reviews are consistently fantastic. The built quality is second to none, and for the first time, they are now available in Europe. Happy days. Flower Mill Mini Travel Grinder for Sale

This compact version of the Flower Mill is built for travel. It fits in even the smallest of pockets, purses, and backpacks and weighs only 4.6 ounces—so you’ll barely notice carrying it..

Despite its small size, it can mill up to 2g at a time, which means no matter where you go, you can have freshly milled herbs ready any time you need them. And when you’re done using it? Its clever compartmentalized design allows easy access to fully clean each component so you can ensure your freshly ground bud is not only the fluffiest but also the freshest and most flavoursome.

Flower Mill Mini Travel Grinder for Sale

How To Operate

Remove the top and insert the whole herb into the housing. There is no need to break apart your herb as long as it fits into the milling chamber. The housing can be full but not so much it protrudes from the top or is compressed.

Replace top. Apply even and gentle pressure to the top while twisting in a back and forth motion. Listen for a change in sound to signal the top has bottomed out and milling is complete.

Remove the 1/4 turn lower catch to access harvest

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