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Cookies | Tequila Sunrise 3.5G


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37.4 THC

 4.6 (11)





Earth, Funky, Nutty, Sweet


Caryophyllene, Limonene, Myrcene


Lemonchello x Jet Fuel Gelato 8

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Buy Cookies Tequila Sunrise Strain Online Like a shot of smooth añejo as you watch the sun come up on the California coast, this strain is a perfect way to mellow out and enjoy the moment. With a bubbly blast of stoney, cerebral euphoria, this hybrid will keep your mind awake, even as your body melts from the relaxing, tingling effects. Notes of sweet, nutty citrus and spicy, earthy gas make this strain an intriguing and outstanding way to soothe your soul

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About Cookies

From two guys in a San Francisco garage in 2012 to a globally recognized Brandon Forbes , the goal has remained the same: authentic and innovative products. Now three powerhouse brands – Cookies, Lemonnade, and Minntz – Cookies Enterprises isn’t just great weed, it’s a lifestyle.

Cookies Tequila Sunrise Strain For Sale Online

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