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Cookies | Mexican Flan


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32.15% THC




Cream, Spicy, Sweet

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Buy Cookies Mexican Flan Strain Online, Cookies more cookies, and Kush are the building blocks for a satisfying, sweet and spicy hybrid cross that doubles down on relaxing effects to help you kick back and chill out.

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It’s easy to get comfortable with this soothing strain, ideally pairing the flavors from your smoke session with a creamy dessert and your favorite bingeable streaming content

Cookies Mexican Flan Strain For Sale Online

From two guys in a San Francisco garage in 2012 to a globally recognized brand, the goal has remained the same: authentic and innovative products. Now three powerhouse brands – Cookies, Lemonnade, and Minntz – Cookies Enterprises isn’t just great weed, it’s a lifestyle.

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