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Darknet Ship T-Shirts – 100% Organic & Fair Trade Cotton


Product Name: CC T-Shirt

Other Name(s): Darnet Ship T-Shirt – 100% Organic & Fair Trade Cotton


Active Ingredient(s): None (that we know of)

Other Ingredient(s): 100% Organic Fair Trade Cotton, Love, Positive Orgones

Darknet Ship T-Shirts for Sale

These T-Shirts were designed by Nervewing (check out her excellent blog here) the winner of our artwork competition so thanks for the awesome design! A share of the proceeds will of course go to the designer. They are 100% Organic, Fair Trade and all that jazz 🙂

We also went for “premium quality” T-Shirts when having them printed, which means they’re a little more expensive than the average T-Shirt, but they’re super soft and should be much more durable. Which just seemed like a better choice all round really. They were screen-printed here in the Netherlands.

The sizes go from S through to XXL, so no matter the size of your machine, we’ve got you covered. Bear in mind that these are EU sizes! We’ll try to get a size chart from our T-Shirt manufacturer, as no one wants to end up with a T-Shirt that is too big or too small. That would make for a very sad machine.

Buy a Darknet Ship T-Shirt today. The perfect gift from you to your machine this season. Darknet Ship T-Shirts for Sale

These T-Shirts are strictly not for human consumption. 

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