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“Poker Pipe” Handmade by SCHMAUCH®


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If you are looking for a classic pipe that will accompany you for a long time, is easy to clean and pleasant to smoke, the Poker Pipe is the right one for you.

These poker pipes are turned by hand by Ole in his workshop from fine dark walnut wood and sturdy light oak wood.

The walnut is finished with organic linseed oil, the oak is left natural.

Go all in. Smoke the Poker Pipe.

In its timelessly classic design it will join you on your very own journey – into the outdoors, the inside, and towards tomorrow.

Choose your favorite combination and pick from walnut and oak wood combined with copper or brass.

If you’re looking for a classy pipe to accompany you for long, which is easy to clean and smooth to smoke, the Poker Pipe is exactly right for you.

I woodturn the Poker Pipes by hand in my Hamburg based workshop from fine Black Walnut and strong Oak wood.
The Walnut wood is finished with organic linseed oil, while the Oak comes in raw.

Choose freely between the wood species and brass or copper as a contrast.
Comes with 5 extra filters, 2 extra pipe screens (15mm) and a brass cleaning tool in an organic cotton bag.

Handmade to last.

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  • About 10 x 5 x 3cm
  • Chamber diameter 14mm for 15mm screens
  • Holder for 8-9mm thick filters


  • Poker pipe in desired combination of wood and metals
  • Five extra filters and two screens
  • Exclusively from us is the noble SCHMAUCH® bag made of FairTrade organic cotton

Usage and care:

  • As long as you don’t use a storm lighter, you can’t go wrong with the Poker Pipe.
  • Cleaning with ethanol, isopropanol or oil. Better not with water.
    You can care for the wood with olive, hemp, flax or another high-quality oil.
    Since the oak wood is untreated, it will darken slightly.
  • Screen Change : Press down on one side, then it flips up for easy removal.
    Insert a new or cleaned sieve as deep as you like, up to the edge of the wood at most. Buy Poker Pipe Handmade by SCHMAUCH
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