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Handemade wooden joint table “Baustelle”


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These beautiful joint rolling tables are designed and made by a single artisan woodworker in Germany.

They contain everything you could possibly need for a smooth joint rolling experience.

Buy Handemade wooden joint table Baustelle


  • Around 30 x 20 x 2cm


  • Grinder/crusher sockets: 40 mm; 50 mm; 63 mm
  • Carbon filter sockets: Standard & Slim
  • Magnetic sockets for papers, tips, lighter & mixing bowl
  • Sockets for big and small stash jars
  • Big and small jar
  • Ceramic bowl
  • Pack of tips
  • Pack of papers
  • Magnetic counter pieces
  • Stodger
  • 5 carbon filters
  • Organic cotton bag
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