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“Sir Winston’s Daily” Glass blunt Handmade by SCHMAUCH®


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These beautiful wooden and glass blunts are handmade by German artist Ole in his workshop in Barcelona. The slight imperfections and differences in the natural wood means no two blunts are identical. Each one is skilfully crafted from ethically sourced ash, walnut or oak using traditional woodworking techniques.

These blunts are built with durability in mind and should last for years, if not a lifetime. In case you damage the glass or the rubber seals, you can buy replacements at low cost here. Dirty glass tubes can simply be washed by hand or in the dishwasher! Buy Glass blunt Handmade by SCHMAUCH

The blunts also come with an activated carbon filter, which can be slotted into the mouthpiece for a smoother draw. Spare filters can be purchased here. A cork is also included so you can seal the end of the pipe when you’re finished.

They are perfect for smoking your favourite tobacco or legal herbs!

SLIM EDITION of the all-famous Sir Winston Chills Cigar

MODULAR SYSTEM – create your unique piece by choosing the body’s wood species & metal type and the mouthpiece’s shape and wood – 36 different combinations

Pick your favourite combination:

Choose from ashblack walnut and white oak wood, combined with either copper or brass for the body.

Sir Winston’s Glass Blunts

Legend has it that to this day still Sir Winston himself rolls every single one of these fine glass blunts by hand.

Black walnut, oak and ash wood, glass, copper and brass melt into a symbiosis of pipe and cigar you can share with others like a joint – featuring, of course, a charcoal filter.
Thanks to which even the thickest smoke stays cool and tasty.

Covered by thick wads of smoke, with this mighty SCHMAUCH® device you will enjoy every kind of herb in the infallible style of Sir Winston Chill.

Move the glass tube in a twist-and-slide motion.
Simply pack in as much as you want, light it up, give it a few good puffs and you’re good to go.
When ashes build up, just give it a little twist and push and those will come off.
And now, enjoy!

Also suited perfectly for tobacco pipe – rumors say this gives milder smoke than even the best traditional tobacco pipes. Buy Glass blunt Handmade by SCHMAUCH

Buy Glass blunt Handmade by SCHMAUCH


  • 115mm x 15mm


  • Handmade wooden glass blunt for tobacco & your favourite legal herbs
  • 6.3mm (extra slim size) integrated carbon filter
  • Transport bag made of organic FairTrade cotton
  • 5 carbon filters, cork for sealing/transporting and a cleaning tool made from brass

Cleaning advice:

  • The glass tube can go into the dishwasher – cleaning residues right after smoking with a paper towel also gets the job done.
  • Alcohol is great for cleaning sticky residues as well on the glass as on the wood.
  • Every now and then, the wooden parts will be grateful for you to treat them with a bit of plant oil – olive, sunflower, linseed, .. choose yours and give it some love! Buy Glass blunt Handmade by SCHMAUCH
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