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B+ Cubensis – Dried Mushroom


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Batch: 23.09 – Graded 3A

B+ Cubensis Strain

  • Most popular strain among the psychedelic community.
  • Warmer visuals and spiritual trips.
  • Consistent quality

B+ is known to provide warmer visuals and spiritual trips. Among the psychedelic community, the B+ Cubensis strain has some of the most positive feedback.

Buy Psilocybe Cubensis B+ Online in Canada

Cubensis B+ mushrooms are one of our best-selling cubensis strains of magic mushrooms with the most positive feedback; they are great for beginners, first-time trippers, or experienced shroomers. Ensure you use our coupon code for 20% Off (TFG), which you can use to purchase any magic mushrooms on our website. You should use the B Magic Mushroom carefully; beginners need to dose appropriately to avoid negative effects, whereas the experienced user should know their limits.

This variant of the Magic Mushroom is known to be a hallucinogenic mushroom in the United States and Europe. B+ strain shroom is a popular strain with fewer side effects and more soothing properties than other strains in the correct dose. This strain is considered by many as the most effective mushroom strain to learn and a good fusion point for cannabis enthusiasts.

Introduction to B+ magic mushrooms

B+ magic mushrooms are Psilocybe cubensis species and are psychedelic mushrooms. Psilocybin and psilocin have the primary active components. It is a piece of art. Cubensis species are widely known psilocybin mushrooms. They are established because they are a versatile cubensis, great with a bit of weed and a chill night – with the correct dose.

Psilocybe Cubensis B magic mushrooms are widely cultivated and easily cultivable. The cultivation of crops can now be done with ease! With the help of colonized mushrooms, you can view the complete B+ Harvest in 15 days!

Please Practice Safe Usage

  • Mild: 0.75 grams to 1.25 grams
  • Medium: 1.5 grams to 2.5 grams
  • Full: 2.5 grams to 3.5 grams

Please read into our harm reduction section for more information on safe usage.

Effects of This Best-Selling Strain

Usually, mushrooms containing psilocybin change mood and sense and are sometimes not enjoyable. User emotions can be intense and terrifying. Hallucinations may be lovely or disturbing. It might feel strange in some ways. On the other hand, many people experience profound spirituality through mushrooming. The best mushrooms for your health depend on the species and variety, dosage, and mood of users. It takes a lot of people a while to get good results.

Some effects of the B Cubensis are;

  • subtle auditory hallucinations
  • warmest visual and bodily experience
  • pleasant Euphoria
  • high doses may make your stomach upset, especially for beginners
  • good strain for spiritual trips

Warning: This particular strain has some additional risk factors; like any psychedelics with psychological risks, it’s important to dose appropriately. If you have a family history of psychotic episodes, ensure to follow a dosage guide for a pleasant and smooth experience, clear of any other problems.

The Psilocybe Cubensis Family mushroom products are not risk-free; make sure you are not prone to other risk factors so you can take shrooms in an enjoyable way.

Using B+ Mushrooms

Using any “P. cubensis” mushroom in most countries is illegal, although there have been difficulties and exceptions. Although this article does NOT advocate any violation of this law, a large number of mushroom fans are certainly going to do so. Therefore, before attempting mushrooms, it is essential to determine what laws and regulations apply to each country and region of origin. This would be a bad mistake.

B+ Cubensis characteristics

The first cultivar is highly pleased by its rich caramel/gold caps and thick juicy stems. Besides the physical appearance, B+ has a high quality and spore abundance. Advanced cultivators will be impressed with the B+ as a spore-deposited spore.

Big mushrooms

The B+ strains represent enormous growing Cubesis strains. This species grows huge in size, and you will see a few large mushroom caps burst from a growing sack. Since our flexible friend loves growing inside, we can grow this B strain at any time at your own pace. So why do people harvest the vegetables they need? Learn how to harvest magical mushrooms!

B+ history

The origins of psilocybe cuneiformis are unknown. However, it seems like an individual Florida cultivator called Mr. G. developed it. He produced a rare strain that exploded in the cultivation community and held the title of most popular strain since the 90s.

Growing Fresh Mushrooms – B+ Cubensis

The B+ mushroom can be grown in many ways. The easiest is to start with a widely accessible, already-irrigated grow kit. Generally, growers of higher quality still offer several alternatives. For example, there may grow kits that aren’t yet inoculated with mycelium. Alternatively, you can order individual bottled containers for liquid cultivation from this kit. Or one could begin with nothing but mixing, removing and sterilizing substrates infected with bacteria from the spores. Starting from scratch requires some expertise, but the results are consistent.

B+ psilocybe cubensis spores

How should I go forward? Are you interested in learning more about Liquid culture? Try cultivating your following mushrooms with p. Cubensis spores! Cultivating mushrooms from spores has become an integral part of specialized mushroom cultivation. The advanced cultivar is a simple technique for learning advanced cultivation techniques. The use of spores can help reduce costs and improve conditions for maximum results of your production. Spores available: Read this article about the best ways to get the B+ spores in spores.

Harvesting and storage

The mushroom harvest should mature while its gill remains covered in a cloak. However, growers looking for a new product will need a full maturation stage for a mushroom to begin spore production. Fresh mushrooms don’t last long, so a plant that grows for a particular use is unlikely to experience flushes in rapid order. The P. cubensis is thankfully dry but does freeze. The drying process involves food dehydrating (see “The Best Food Dehydrating Equipment”). Air-drying on the counter will prolong the mushrooms’ shelf life for a long time.

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