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African Transkei – Dried Mushroom


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Batch: 23.07 – Graded 3A

African Tranksei Cubensis

  • Popular for its sensory and visual effects
  • Above average in potency

African Transkei is an exotic strain that originates from the southern region of Africa.

Known for its sensory and euphoric effects, the African Transkei is a great choice for beginners. Because of the moderate potency, this strain has been the go to for many in social events and activities.

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You can buy South African Transkei magic mushrooms from our site, with fast shipping on orders with Canada Post. Buy Transkei Cubensis online or other magic mushroom products to experience your first strain of sensation-enhancing mushrooms.

Transkei is a potent, modern strain which provides prominent body sensations with stunning light tracers and, at higher doses, geometric shapes and intense visual experiences. In addition, these mushrooms have been known to allow you to see sound!

It is a favourite strain of magic mushrooms to provide a light twinkling for your body and sight!

You could also try Penis Envy or buy Golden Teacher psilocybin mushrooms. The Golden Teachers vs African Transkei is a similar psilocybe cubensis strain.

African Transkei Mushrooms History

This psilocybe cubensis strain originated from the wild coast of eastern South Africa. The Wild coast region of the African continent provides the perfect environment for this potent strain to grow. Where this strain originates, it is in wide circulation in South Africa, their most popular strain of psilocybe cubensis.

African Transkei ( AT) – South African Transkei, also called AT, Transkei cube and South African Transkei’s. AT is one strain of magic mushroom from South Africa. It’s the only mushroom of the species Psilocybinsis that grows within Africa. African Transkei is a moderately effective stain producing euphoric vibrations and light visual effects. Generally, this can cause serious social activity pressures. Excellent at party and celebration events. African Transkei is also an incredible strain for the novice or experienced psychonauts.


The African Transkei strain can be a very potent one. IT can provide an intense trip at high doses, at a moderate dose, with dancing lights and geometric shapes, and at a small dose, at least prominent body sensations.

This sacred mushroom is a great strain to get a deep sense of your body with a skin-tingling experience. So take it easy if you want the light twinkling.

African Transkei Effects

This psilocybe cubensis is best known for its relaxing effects and astounding visuals. Depending on the dose, though, these can range from mild visuals to intense visuals. We recommend trying them at a low dose first. This way, you can understand the range.

  • produce open-eye visuals
  • lights and geometric shapes
  • skin tingling experience
  • incredible body high for a fun night
  • dancing lights perceptions
  • allow you to perceive sound and energy in higher doses


Again, the dosage is vital for this strain; a higher dose range may turn your fun visuals into remarkably open-eye visuals and produce geometric shapes.

  • Micro Dose – .5g or less
  • Low Dose – 1G
  • Medium Dose – 2-3G
  • Mega Dose – 5G

If you consume magic mushrooms regularly, higher doses of these hallucinogenic mushrooms will be the first strain you pick in the future. (maybe try with lemon juice to enhance)

Please Practice Safe Usage

  • Mild: 0.75 grams to 1.25 grams
  • Medium: 1.5 grams to 2.5 grams
  • Full: 2.5 grams to 3.5 grams

Please read into our harm reduction section for more information on safe usage.

What are dried African Transkei Psilocybe cubensis?

Psilocybins are available in many styles and sizes, but there’s no sex discrimination here at 3 Amigo. The best mushroom combines shapes, sizes, flavours, shades of colours or experiences. Specifically, our family likes psilocybin mush. Is that true? After drying, they’re potent and predictable. Maybe the next step is to get creative! Psychedelic means putting your mind on the surface and seeing that it exists as something in the universe and working on it.

African Transkei moderately potent magic mushroom Appearance

If you want the authentic experience, you’ll have to take a trip down to South Africa and find them in wide circulation. African Transkei cubensis mushrooms have an appearance as follows;

  • They enjoy the cool shade
  • The lighter coloration of brown caps
  • Long Asparagus-like stalk
  • Small caramel-coloured cap
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