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3-Methyl-PCP Hydrochloride


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3-Methyl-PCP hydrochloride for Sale


What is 3-Methyl-PCP Hydrochloride?

3-Methyl-PCP hydrochloride, also known as 3-Me-PCP, is a novel dissociative compound belonging to the arylcyclohexylamine class. Its synthesis is believed to have originated in China around 2020, from the same laboratory that produces chemicals for Long Flourish Research and ResearchChemsClub. Due to its recent development, limited information is available regarding its properties and effects. Initial observations suggest that it induces subjective effects akin to those of ketamine.

Why Buy 3-Methyl-PCP Hydrochloride?

As a researcher, it is crucial to exercise responsibility and caution when experimenting with novel compounds like 3-Methyl-PCP. While its specific effects and potential applications are still under investigation, the compound offers an opportunity for exploration and study within the realm of dissociative research. By purchasing 3-Methyl-PCP hydrochloride, researchers contribute to the advancement of scientific knowledge in this field, potentially uncovering valuable insights into its pharmacological properties and therapeutic potentials.

Where to Buy 3-Methyl-PCP Hydrochloride

For those interested in acquiring 3-Methyl-PCP hydrochloride, our platform offers access to this compound. Prioritizing safety and integrity, we provide a secure environment for obtaining research chemicals, including 3-Methyl-PCP hydrochloride.

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