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1D-LSD 225mcg Pellets


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1D LSD Pellets 225mcg For Sale

What is 1D-LSD 225mcg Pellets?

1D LSD Pellets 225mcg encapsulate a potent journey into altered consciousness. These pellets contain a meticulous formulation of 1D-LSD, or 1-(1,2-dimethylcyclobutane-1-carbonyl)-lysergic acid diethylamide hemi-L-tartrate, a lysergamide derivative known for its profound psychedelic effects. As a prodrug of LSD-25, 1D-LSD shares similarities with renowned LSD analogs like 1cP-LSD and 1P-LSD, promising an expedition into the depths of perception and introspection.

Why Choose 1D LSD Pellets 225mcg?

The allure of 1D LSD Pellets 225mcg lies in their potential to unlock the boundless realms of the mind. With each pellet meticulously dosed at 225mcg, users can embark on a transformative odyssey marked by vivid hallucinations, altered thought patterns, and profound introspection. Whether seeking a catalyst for artistic inspiration, spiritual exploration, or simply a transcendental experience, these pellets offer a reliable and potent option for those navigating the labyrinth of consciousness.

Where to Buy 1D LSD Pellets 225mcg

For those ready to embark on a journey of self-discovery, acquiring 1D LSD Pellets 225mcg is a pivotal step. While the availability of such substances may vary depending on location and legal restrictions, you can purchase it from us as we make sure each product is as authentic as it gets. Explore the depths of psychedelia responsibly with 1D LSD Pellets 225mcg.


The effects of LSD can vary widely depending on factors such as the dose, the individual’s mood and personality, the setting in which it is taken, and whether the person has used it before. Clik here for some common effects of LSD include:


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